Our story is pretty simple and straight forward,

We would like to tell the story of voi town as the Days Go by.

As a team, we are committed to unearthing various possible topics of interest, publishing news features, celebrating the good and condemning the bad, profiling the town’s urban culture and lifestyle, treasure galleries, fun & entertainment, digging the gems in Its history and much more. We Talk about issues, places people and business and so on..

Quick Overview.

voi2day was started off as a blog back on campus by mr.Job, the current Team Leader at TSAVO MEDIA GROUP and has evolved into a full news website with various subdivisions that aim to collectively aggregate all possible info about this crazy, hot, dusty town on the rise.

It has been a couple of years for mistakes, pauses, learning, restructuring, and re-branding. All in a bid to be voi’s undisputable online reference platform.

The dream has been as simple as saying “we are taking voi online and in better fashion”

Beyond the traditional blog posts, we’ve continuously scaled the platform to have several other inclusions as portrayed on the voi2day.com brand page

Join The Ride. Let’s Roll.